Our Move to Amherst Central PARk


Q. What is the timeline on this project?

A. In 2023, the Town of Amherst will perform a relocation study, which will guide specifics for finalizing the timeline. Currently, we anticipate beginning to move the historic buildings after BNHV’s 2024 season.


Q. What will happen in between?/What will happen to the historic structures? 

A. The good news is, it’s been done before! Each of our historic structures was moved to our current site from its original location in Amherst/Williamsville by a team of experts. Just as they did at that time, each building will receive the specific attention needed to move it safely to the new location.


Q. What will happen to the land?

A. After we move, the current site will remain as Town property and used to host an archive an record center for the Town of Amherst.


Q. What will happen to the animals?

A. The animals are an important part of our programs and education, so of course they’re moving with us! They will be getting their own, brand-new digs, pastures, and amenities.


Q. What will happen to the museum and artifacts?

A. Our new museum at Amherst Central Park will include new exhibits that will utilize our current collection of historic artifacts. Artifacts that are not on display will continue to be housed and cared for in accordance with standard preservation practices.


Q. What will the experience be like at the new location?

A. Our new location at Amherst Central Park will offer an experience that is more interactive, immersive, and accessible than ever before. The story of Amherst will serve as an exemplar of the rural communities that were the foundation of New York State in the nineteenth century. Through interactive activities and interpretation, this history will come alive in the Historic Village. Exhibits in the new Interpretation Center will connect this history with the present through explorations of how the past influences our lives and communities today.


Q. How can I find out more information?

A. We will be keeping everyone informed as things develop! To learn the latest information about the project, visit our Updates page and follow us on social media!

For questions about the artifacts, farm animals, and BNHV programming, please contact guestservices@bnhv.org

For questions abut the land, buildings, and other inquiries for the Town of Amherst, please use this form.