Amherst Historical Society

The Amherst Historical Society’s (AHS) mission is to preserve, study, and share the history of the Town of Amherst, New York. The AHS is a volunteer body of Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village.


The Amherst Historical Society seeks to share the history of Amherst through exhibitions, educational programs, lectures, workshops, and publications. AHS members collect oral histories related to the history of Amherst and its community, assist with digitizing and indexing of Amherst history resources, and engage in the preservation and study of Amherst history.


The AHS meets quarterly in the Amherst Library and Reading Room, located in the Susan Grelick Amherst Historical Wing at Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village at 3755 Tonawanda Creek Road, Amherst, New York, 14228.


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Please contact for more information about the Amherst Historical Society or if you would like to join the AHS as a volunteer.


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