Homeschool Day - February 20, 2024


Homeschool Day

February 20, 2024

10:00 - 1:00

$20.00 per Youth $10.00 per Adult


10:00 am Celebrating Black History Month with Influential Agriculturalists…George Washington Carver 

George Washington Carver was a Black-American inventor, writer, educator, and botanist. He is best known for his discoveries on the various uses for the peanut. As a group, we will learn a bit about Dr. Carver by reading “The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver” by Gene Barretta. Then…. 

Please choose one of the following sessions to participate in.

Session A: Nuts about Peanuts

Allergen Alert: Participants in this session will be working with raw peanuts!

George Washington Carver is often referred to as “The Peanut Man”. In this session, participants will learn about why George Washington Carver is known as the “Father of the Peanut”. Participants will plant their own peanuts to take home and track their growth, and make and label a peanut plant craft. 

Session B: Watercolor Garden

George Washington Carver not only knew plants and soils, but he also knew how to paint. He learned to draw and make paint as a child, and often painted flowers and plants while studying them. In this session, participants will make natural watercolor paint from flowers and then create their own watercolor garden painting. 


11:00 am Weather Watchers…Is it spring?

Please choose one of the following sessions to participate in. 

Session A:  Benjamin Banneker ~ Celebrating Black History Month with Influential Agriculturalists

During the 18th and 19th centuries almanacs were used to predict long-range weather patterns. This was especially useful to farmers when making decisions about when to plant. Join us, in this session, in learning about Benjamin Banneker. A free Black man who was largely self-educated in astronomy and mathematics and wrote a number of almanacs in the late 1790s. Participants in this session will act as History Detectives and search for clues in the old farmer’s almanacs. In addition, participants will prepare themselves for studying the sky, like Benjamin Banneker, by creating their own eclipse viewers for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in April.

Session B: Groundhog Weather School ~ Let’s Take a Look at Groundhog Day

Did you know that February 2nd comes about halfway between the shortest day of the year (December 21st) and the beginning of spring (March 21st)? That means it is a great time to start celebrating the coming season! Will spring be coming early? Let’s attend the Groundhog Weather School to learn more about predicting the weather. 


11:45  Ordinary People Change the World 

Celebrating President’s Day


STEM Challenge: Macaroni Monuments

We celebrate the birthdays of two American Presidents in February. Do you know who? Join us in learning all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Then take part in a STEM challenge. Can you recreate either the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial using macaroni?