The Elliott House

About the Elliott House

Year Built: ca. 1851
Sponsored By: Currently Not Sponsored

Built in 1851 at the corner of Garrison Road and Park Drive in Williamsville, NY, this house was occupied by plough maker George W. Elliott, his wife, two daughters and son until 1855. The re-created kitchen wing contains a replica 1850 cooking stove, which is used today for demonstrations.

What YOUR support will do…

Although much restoration work has been completed on the home, more is needed. Our plan includes a new roof for the building and restoration of the second floor including.

The annual cost associated with the maintenance of the Elliott House, as well as desired projects needed to meet Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village’s goals as an educational center, is estimated at around $3,000 per year.  A five year pledge of $3,000 annually is needed to better care for the structure, interpret the dwelling, and align Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village with the New York State Core Curriculum for our visiting classroom students.  Such supported projects will also directly increase admission numbers and help the museum become a self-sustaining center for learning and tourism.

Your support will help the highly trained staff at Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village:

  • Restore the roof of the entire house
  • Complete work needed to maintain the building on an annual basis
  • Stabilize and see to the structural needs of the house as per our Conservation Assessment Report
  • Restore the second floor interiors and furnishings
  • Redo and add historically-appropriate landscaping to the house
  • Reconstruct the historic barn seen in the original engraving of the house

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