the blacksmith shop

About the Blacksmith Shop

Year Built: ca. 1899 (1997 replica)
Sponsored By: Currently Not Sponsored

The blacksmith provided one of the most important services in the community, making or repairing nearly everything that was made of iron. While many blacksmith shops were larger, this replica is typical of the smaller, one-man shops found on farms. Members of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths perform demonstrations for visitors.

What YOUR support will do…

Although this building is a reconstruction and does not need restoration or preservation work, the cost associated with maintaining the Blacksmith Shop as a working, interactive exhibit can be expensive. Your support will help Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village accomplish a number of short and long-range goals surrounding the smithy. We would like to use the Blacksmith Shop as a center for learning and as a manufacturing site which will create tools and other products that can be used throughout the village and museum.

The annual cost associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the shop is $20,000. This also includes updates that need to be made, supplies, and other components needed to run a smithy. This cost also includes desired projects needed to meet Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village’s goals as an educational center.  A five year pledge of $4,000 is needed to better care for the structure, interpret the shop, and align Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village with the New York State Core Curriculum for our visiting classroom students.  Such supported projects will also directly increase admission numbers and help the museum become a self-sustaining center for learning and tourism.

Your support will help the highly trained staff of Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village:

  • Supply coal, iron ore, and other ingredients needed to keep our smithy chimney smoking
  • Complete work needed to maintain the building on an annual basis
  • Incorporate new interactive activities in the Blacksmith Shop for school groups
  • Complete necessary updates to the smithy in order to be in line with our educational curriculum and the Common Core initiative
  • Create new objects and hardware needed for the village

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