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Friday, July 19th, 2013

One of the biggest scholastic events that took place at Sweet Home School before it closed was the Olympics of the Mind.  It was a state wide competition in creative problem solving.  One team, comprised of seven students and a faculty member, was asked to build a functioning chariot which could be propelled only by the limited body movements of one team member.
I began wondering whether or not such an activity could take place today, and reached the conclusion that there could perhaps be a virtual Olympics of the Mind in today’s schools.  With Internet access, however, students could Google the easiest or fastest way to craft a solution.  The focus would shift from the process to the end result.
In a way, this idea from the school’s competition can be applied to the museum itself.  We do not want visitors to view the museum as a box stuffed with information.  We hope that they would ask questions, interact with the environment, and ultimately come away with a deeper appreciation for things they initially believed they could not relate to.


The old Sweet Home schoolhouse at BNHV.

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