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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


Before the summer got so blistering hot, the wood stove in Elliott House was fired up twice a week.  Here you see some biscuit dough ready to be rolled out and baked. The challenge has been to get the temperature hot enough to bake – in the old recipes the temperature was determined by how long you could hold your arm in the stove. A “slow” oven meant you could count to ten or more before having to withdraw your arm – a low temperature. In a “quick” oven, you might count to two or three before quickly taking your arm out. For biscuits, I needed a quick oven. It certainly got hot, but not quite hot enough to brown the biscuits.  But they tasted just fine!  Especially with the Rhubarb Ginger jam made from rhubarb from the garden. I’ll share the recipe for that in another post.

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